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First “Almost-Perfect” Day

My little guy has been on the pump since January of this year.   So far, the experience has been great.  I will admit, I was a little overwhelmed when we went through the training.  So much information at once, sometimes with scary warnings…

“Don’t disconnect this way”

“No roller coasters”

“Watch out when going through airport security and riding on a plane”

“No cold insulin and watch those air bubbles”

etc., etc., etc.

It helped to know that hubby would be trying out the pump also, so they could go through it together.   Now, after several months, we have the hang of it and I can change a pump set in no time flat.

While the overall pump process was great, getting the settings right has been a rough road for my son.  Activity at school is so varied, one day he would be high, the next low.  The school calls me up to three times a day after he checks his sugar before morning snack, before lunch and before coming home on the bus.  Every day has been an adventure.  The worst part of it all was knowing what he was going through.  It may seem like fun to get out of class, but it stinks to miss lunch with your friends or to be just plain different.

But FINALLY, we had an (almost) perfect day.

Wake up:  116

Before morning snack:  124

Before lunch:  109

Before coming home on bus:  176

I’ll take it!  I felt like throwing a party.  Hooray!


“Diabetics Can’t Eat Candy”…Yes, I said that!

I met my husband when I was 24.  We were both working at the same large corporation and by some crazy chance, were assigned to work on a project together…me from Human Resources, him from IT.  I didn’t have a choice about what would follow.  His sparkling blue eyes, great smile and awesome sense of humor reeled me in right away.  We worked together for 6 months before his contract ended, and 6 months after that, we were married.  Sometimes, you just know.

The point of this story is that one day before we started dating, a co-worker said to me “Did you know he has diabetes?”    My response, “No he doesn’t, I saw him eating m&m’s.  Diabetics can’t eat candy!”

Yes, I said that.

Fast forward to now.   We’ve been married 10 years.   We have three beautiful kids, one of which also has Type 1 diabetes.

Of course, now I know the comment I made so long ago is ridiculous.  Now I know that diabetics can eat anything a non-diabetic can eat.  Now I know that in some circumstances, a diabetic MUST eat candy to survive.

Over our years of marriage, I’ve heard a lot of ridiculous comments about diabetes.  Every time I hear one, it gets under my skin.  Particularly when one is directed at my 9 year old child.   But then I remind myself, that I thought wrong too.  So I take a deep breath and I calmly explain the truth, in hopes that we can move past the myths one person at a time.