I cannot believe the amount of trash that comes from one pump set and sensor change.  It amazes me every time.  When we go to the Barbara Davis Center in Denver, they always have artwork made out of test strip bottles and pump parts, etc.  I wish we could make something cool of all this junk, but alas, into the trash it goes.


2 thoughts on “Trash

  1. My husband sometimes saves the ka-chunkers (giant needles removed) and tries to get people interested in using them to shoot projectiles across tables. It could be a really lame kind of table hockey.

    But oh, the TRASH! I’ve started buying Capri Sun pouch water, I’ve become such a trash nihilist.

  2. Yeah, I’ve considering saving the CGM needles for strategic placement around the house as weapons..haha! One for each room…just let an intruder mess with me! Those things are gigantic! Table hockey sounds much more family friendly though…like it!

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