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“Diabetics Can’t Eat Candy”…Yes, I said that!

I met my husband when I was 24.  We were both working at the same large corporation and by some crazy chance, were assigned to work on a project together…me from Human Resources, him from IT.  I didn’t have a choice about what would follow.  His sparkling blue eyes, great smile and awesome sense of humor reeled me in right away.  We worked together for 6 months before his contract ended, and 6 months after that, we were married.  Sometimes, you just know.

The point of this story is that one day before we started dating, a co-worker said to me “Did you know he has diabetes?”    My response, “No he doesn’t, I saw him eating m&m’s.  Diabetics can’t eat candy!”

Yes, I said that.

Fast forward to now.   We’ve been married 10 years.   We have three beautiful kids, one of which also has Type 1 diabetes.

Of course, now I know the comment I made so long ago is ridiculous.  Now I know that diabetics can eat anything a non-diabetic can eat.  Now I know that in some circumstances, a diabetic MUST eat candy to survive.

Over our years of marriage, I’ve heard a lot of ridiculous comments about diabetes.  Every time I hear one, it gets under my skin.  Particularly when one is directed at my 9 year old child.   But then I remind myself, that I thought wrong too.  So I take a deep breath and I calmly explain the truth, in hopes that we can move past the myths one person at a time.